The new frontier for a healthy mouth

Melos gel is an innovative product and introduces a new idea in the oral care.

It quickly counteracts the inflammatory status of a diseased mouth.

Melos gel contains 2% of Melatonin plus essential oils and chlorexidine (0,12%) and the INCI formula is patented.

We recommend to use it once daily before going to sleep.

In severe pathology it can be used several times or according to the physician's prescription.

Apply a layer of Melos  on the affected area using a cotton fioc or a fingertip.

The only and well documented effect of Melos gel is drowsiness.

Drowsiness is due to Melatonin. So if your work needs attention, apply it only night-time.

Recently we've added the Mentha Piperita oil.

Melos gel is produced in Italy. The contractor production site works in compliance with the ISO 9001-2015, ISO 13485 - 2016 and GMP ISO 22716-2007 standards.